Traditions full of resilience and empowerment for Wayúu Women.

In the middle of the majestic La Guajira desert in Colombia, lives the Wayúu Community. Although their living conditions are not the best, because lack of drinking water, precarious housing and few crops, throughout history they have developed their resilience, offering to the world the most beautiful handmade bags, with geometric designs., called Mochila.

For this community women play a pivotal role not only in preserving their cultural heritage but also in sustaining their families through their exceptional crafts weaving handmade bags. This ancient tradition not only showcases their artistic talents but also serves as a means of economic empowerment and familial support.

Part of their identity is the art of weaving, which has been passed down through generations. For Wayúu women, weaving is not just a skill but a sacred practice that connects them to their ancestors and the natural world around them.

Economic Empowerment

In a region where economic opportunities are limited, Wayúu women have turned to their traditional craft as a means of generating income for their families. Handmade bags, known for their durability and unique designs, have gained popularity both locally and internationally, providing a sustainable source of revenue for these artisans by selling their products.

For this work of the Wayúu Indigenous Women, we want to recognize their contribution and their power, especially on International Women’s Day. At Mochila Bags we support these communities, promoting their crafts to more than 40 countries.

Mochila Wayúu

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