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Mochila style and fashion is growing in all countries around the world. Wayuu Mochila Bags are a huge fashion trend for not just Summer, but all year round! Stylish Mochila Bags make the best photos and Wayuu Mochila Bags give character to all your outfits.

Eva Catherina – USA

@evaacatherine – her photographer @calimays

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Maria Parashiv – Spain

@ mariaparaschiv

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Debbie Ma – San Francisco CA



Jessica Arienti – Italy


Emma Ostergren – Sweden



Mar Martinez – Spain

@allestilodemar  @mibolsillodetrapillo


 Ainhoa Suárez – Spain


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Sara Gattoni – United Kingdom


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Katy Gamarra



Noemi Amin – Spain


Jordy Orozco

Alisha Taneja – LA, USA





Rebecca Alonso – Spain





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