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Amazing to sell our beautiful Wayúu Bags in your retail store!

Mochila bags will be the perfect accessory to sell in your store today. Stylish and popular amongst the yoga community as well as with many up and coming fashion stores. Our Wayuu Mochila Bags will certainly attract your customers attention! Yoga bags, boho bags, leather bags, stylish wayuu mochila bags, are all categories of what we sell around the globe.

BULK DISCOUNTS: We give wholesale discounts for orders over 10 Wayuu Mochila Bags and Leather Bags.

TRUSTED WHOLESALER: We have clients selling Wayuu Mochila Bags and Leather Bags in more than 50 countries in the world.

For clients in US we deliver a certificate of origin to reduce the payment of local taxes, in accordance with the free trade agreement with that country.

Please email us on if interested in selling our Wayuu Mochila Bags or Leather Bags in your store.

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