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About Us – Mochila Bags

Bringing the beauty of Colombian art to the world

Authentic Handmade Wayuu Mochila Bags

Mochila Bags is a family owned and operated business. Our business is 100% Fair Trade we work from Bogotá and Riohacha to bring these precious pieces of Wayuu art to the World.

All our Wayuu Mochila Bags are hand knitted by Indigenous from the Wayuu tribe of La Guajira Colombia. Each Mochila Bag may take 3 to 4 full-time weeks to complete.

Our Wayuu Mochila Bags are shipped directly from Colombia via secure tracked postage. We also offer express services via Deprisa or DHL to ensure that your Wayuu Mochila Bags will arrive within one week.

About the Wayuu Women

Our Mochila Bags are solely woven by women of the Wayuu tribe in Colombia who have been taught the art of weaving at a very young age. The tradition has been passed down through many generations. Not only is the art of Wayuu weaving solely reliant on the women, Wayuu children carry their mother’s last name too. This makes women cultural and powerful leaders of the tribe.
Each Wayuu Mochila Bag is completely unique with a design that tells a story about the Wayuu culture and history. To the Wayuu people, this tradition is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence and creativity. One bag can take up to 2 months to create!

These days the Wayuu tribe rely on their beautiful works of art as a way to build financial support for their families, meaning your contribution really makes a difference!

Wayuu Women
Mochila Bags to the world
Wayuu Women
Supporting Wayuu Women work
Wayuu women weaving
Wayuu women use ancestral techniques to weave bags
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